Office Bearers
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                                       Office Bearers 2016-2017




R.W.M. David Macdonald Committee Robert Mathew PM
I.P.M. Gary Muircroft PM Stewart Beattie PM
D.M. Stewart Beattie PM Jamie Paterson PM
S.M. John Galletly David Paton
W.S.W. Phil Biggarstaff Nicoll Ross PM
W.J.W. Craig Biggarstaff Iain Tinto
S.D. Douglas Cookf David Paterson PM
J.D. John Davis Stewart Watson PM
I.G. David Haggart   Installing  Andrew Affleck PM
Chaplain Vacant Masters Robert Keeney PM
D.o.C. Billy McIlroy    
Secretary William Paton PM PPGSW & Honorary Grand Rank of  Eric Brown PM
Treasurer Douglas Battison PM Junior Deacon  
Almoner Charles Burns PM Past Right Worshipful Kenneth D Kennedy PM
Architect David Paton Depute Grand Master  
Jeweller Glen Baillie PPGM  
Organist Peter Gardiner
Senior Steward Tom Ferguson Board of Grand Stewards  Robert Mathew PM
Junior Steward Kenneth Wardrope    
Tyler Iain Tinto PGL Representative Jamie Paterson PM


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