Mark Pennies
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Lodge Robert King Stewart Mark Pennies

In the last thirty odd years Lodge Robert King Stewart has used three different designs of mark penny.

In the 1970s the penny had the Mallet and Indenting chisel on the front with the Lodge Name and Number around it and on the back the familiar Keystone .

 photos0005a.jpg (25308 bytes) photos0006a.jpg (29150 bytes)

The die for this penny was not available when the time came to reorder more pennies so a new die and design was ordered which is still in use today.

The new penny had the lodge crest and motto with the Lodge Name and Number on front and the same backing as previously with a slight variation in the depth of the cut and in the layout.

photos0005b.jpg (36917 bytes)  photos0006b.jpg (29734 bytes).

To celebrate the Lodge Centenary a third design was produced and one hundred of the centenary pennies, one for each year, were  produced and sold to the brethren in the lodge at the time. These are no longer available from the lodge and the only way to get one is to persuade a brother who has one to exchange it. The penny is made in purple and gold which has not shown up very well in these copies - the gold background has shown up black. The front is similar to the current mark penny with the Lodge crest, name and number in a slightly different layout  while the back contains a completely new design with the mallet and indenting chisel and the Scottish thistle and the words "In the Lord is all our trust".

photos0005c.jpg (46055 bytes)   photos0006c.jpg (32215 bytes)  

If you wish any more information on these pennies please use the email contact below.

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