Installation Programs
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Installation Programs

As the installation for 2004-2005 approaches it is worth looking back at the cover page for installation programs and how it has changed over the years. The table below shows the program covers and the years in which they were used with a few gaps due to these programs being unavailable. The starting time of installations has been changed from 6:45pm as it was in the seventies and early eighties to 6:00pm.

There have been two major changes inside the program since the seventies. Prior to 1988 the brethren sang Psalm 24 - 'Ye gates lift up your heads on high.' when the Installing Board re-entered the lodge. Since 1988 the Brethren sing ' Will your anchor hold'  - the Boys Brigade hymn. 

In 1990 three posts were left vacant because no Brethren were available to fill them. As a result in 1991 the Offices of Bible Bearer, Sword Bearer, Marshall and Standard Bearer have been dropped and never reinstated.

Installation Program Cover

Years used

instal0001.JPG (76028 bytes)


instal0002.JPG (36614 bytes)


instal0003.JPG (37643 bytes)


instal0004.JPG (38787 bytes)


instal0005.JPG (47637 bytes)

Every year since and including 1984

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