History 1951 Part 2
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Lodge History - Part 2 1926-1951

(reproduced from the Jubilee Souvenir of 1951)

The death in January 1931, of Provincial Grand Master Bro. Sir Robert King Stewart was a great blow to the Craft, and to this Lodge which bears his name, his death was felt as a great personal loss. He had taken an interest in the Lodge since its inception, and was present on several occasions as a member of Provincial Visitations. His long and distinguished career and his faithful service to the Craft should be an example to all Masons. At his death the Lodge went into mourning for six months.

Bro. Archd. Russell P.M., a founder member, was summoned to the Grand Lodge above in July 1932. He was buried with Masonic Honours and the Lodge went into mourning. Still another founder member in the person of Bro Jeremiah Taylor was called to Higher Service in January 1934. Bro. Taylor was our first Tyler, and was respected by all who came in contact with him.

"Fading away like the stars of the morning,
Losing their light in the glare of the sun,
Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,
Only remembered by what we have done."

It is very evident from the Minutes that our Brethren were men of high purpose, and on many occasions, it is recorded that they paraded in procession to pay tribute to the Most High, and it is interesting to note that many of these Services were conducted by Brethren of our own Lodge, particularly, Bro. Rev. George Goodfellow and Bro. Rev. Inglis M. Black.

It was a common practice in the earlier days to have an informal lecture on Freemasonry in the Lodge, when the more enlightened Brethren would discourse on some aspect of the Craft. Much benefit was derived from these talks and it is to be regretted that this practice has been discontinued.

September 1939 saw the start of the Second Great War and once again many Brethren answered the Call. A Comforts Fund was instituted in the Lodge and in this way the serving Brethren were reminded of those Masonic ties which stretch over the four quarters of the globe.

At the Lodge Installation Ceremony on 2nd December 1942, the Brethren were pleased to record their appreciation of the high honour conferred on Bro J.C. Stewart on being installed as Grand Master Mason of Scotland, and agreed that consideration be given to entertaining him at a later date.

The 13th February 1943 was the date agreed for this auspicious occasion, when the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Bro. J.C. Stewart, accompanied by a deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge was entertained and, as a memento of the occasion, was presented with a gold propelling pencil. In thanking the Brethren for their gift, Bro Stewart reaffirmed his interest in the Lodge which bore his father's name.

On the 14th August 1945, Peace returned to a war-weary world and on the 26th August 1946, a United Thanksgiving service, under the auspices of Lodges No. 31, 305, 406, 427, 573, 919, 1096 and 1228, was held in the Masonic Hall, Motherwell, and was conducted by Bro. Rev. John McColl, Provincial Depute Grand Master. It was a most impressive service and will live long in the memory of those who were present.

On the 5th September 1945, the Secretary intimated that two Brothers of the Lodge, Bro. Mathew and Bro. Andrew Smith, had been awarded the M.B.E., and it was agreed that a letter of congratulation be sent them on attaining this high honour.

A most interesting event took place at the meeting of 11th May 1946 when there was presented to the Lodge a Mallet cut from stone in King Solomon's Quarries.

It is most pleasing to have to record that during the existence of our Lodge the lesson taught in the N.E. Corner has borne much fruit. Throughout the Minutes one is pleased to note that many Brethren were made to feel that Freemasonry in action was something that towered above circumstances and that the hand of a Brother was always ready to assist and uplift. The Lodge has long been conscious also of the needs of the old and has ,for a number of years, made a small gift to old members and widows, irrespective of circumstances. This gift is usually given at Christmas when we, in our hearts, are celebrating the Greatest Gift to Mankind.

Our relations with our Sister Lodges have always been most cordial, and in our inter-visitations one is always impressed and strengthened by the high degree of fellowship which exists.

A most important event took place on the 21st April 1948, when Bro. Robert Smellie, son of the first Master of the Lodge, presented his father's Past Master's Jewel to the Lodge, with the request that it be worn by the presiding Master. This gift was suitably acknowledged in open Lodge , and each succeeding Master has worn it, being fully conscious of the great servant of this Lodge whose term of service it represents.

While in the preceding pages we have recorded some of the events in the life of our Lodge, we wish it to be clearly understood that this brochure is not intended to be a History of our Lodge. Believing firmly that history is "made" and not "written" we would pay tribute to those Brethren who have served this Lodge in various capacities in the ordinary line of their Masonic duties.

It is, therefore, our privilege to pay humble tribute to those early Brethren who, in their great wisdom and foresightedness, saw fit to erect and dedicate our Masonic Temple, and to those who throughout the years have given of their time and talents to keep alive the Spirit of Freemasonry in this area.

May their selflessness and service be a spur to all of us in the years that lie ahead. May we indeed prove ourselves worthy of the sacred trust reposed in us.

In looking forward to a new era in our Lodge, may we occasionally look back and draw inspiration from what has gone before, ever remembering that our words and actions are observed and recorded by the Most High to Whom we must all submit and ought humbly to adore.  

Office Bearers

1901 1951
R.W.M. Robert Smellie James Clark
D.M. Archibald Russell James Clark P.M.
S.W. William Galbraith Robert Strachan P.M.
J.W. John Reid Thomas McVicar
Secretary John Lauder Walter B. McVicar P.M.
Treasurer Charles Pollock Alan Watt
S.D. William Livingstone William McGhie
J.D. David Watt John Henderson
I.G. Robert Grieve George Dick
Tyler Jeremiah Taylor Robert Mackie P.M.





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