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Consecration of Masonic Hall

Monday 8 February 1909

This page contains links to the "Form of Ceremonial" used at the consecration of the Masonic Hall in 1909. The documents refer to the New Masonic Hall because there was a Masonic Hall in Holytown used by Lodge Woodhall St Johns No 305 in the 1870s and the address is given as New Stevenston, Holytown. Unfortunately the 4 pages are not in very good shape, the whole document having been torn in two. If a better copy does not exist then this is the only copy we have of this important document. To view the different pages click on the link.

Page 1 has nothing missing.

Page 2 has a tear through the following line 

"3---The following Hymn shall the be sung :-Tune Old Hundred."

 Page 3 has a tear through the following lines

"present to you this vessel of corn to be applied by you according to ancient usage."

In Page 4 no text has been lost by the tear in the document.



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